Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Olay Daily Facial In A Box

I have see these Daily Facial In A Box before years ago then shops just stopped selling them but I found them again and I really wanted to try them. These cloths have got aloe, chamomile extract and Vitamin E in them and these cloths are for sensitive skin, they are also dermatologically tested and fragrance and soap free.

The way your meant to use these cloths is by running the dry cloth under water which will make the cloth become activated, you can then use these cloths to remove make up, exfoliate and Olay also says they can reduces the appearance of pores. I was so looking forward to trying these cloths out to take my make up off with because they sound so good.

So I did as they said I put the dry cloths under water and then I went to take my make up off with it. Normal when I do a review I always like to try the product a few times so I can really get a good idea of what I think of it but with this I have only used it once because I cant bring myself to use them again.

If you have read my blog before then you might know I have very sensitive eyes and using these cloths hurt so much and I dont even think they removed my make up that well. Now these might be ok for sensitive skin but if you have dry skin then run! Just run the other way. Im not joking, these made my skin feel so dry they killed my skin. If you have oily skin you might really like these but normal and dry skin I would just avoid these.

I really like the idea of these cloths and I think they would be really good for travelling but they need to be a lot better before I even think about trying these ever again.

Im sorry that this post is so negative but Im not going to tell you I like something if I dont.

Have you tried this Olay Daily Facial In A Box? What did you think of it?
Let me know in the comment below.

Thanks so much for checking out the post.

Till next time take care x 

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