Sunday, 11 June 2017

Lab With Love Box June 2017

So there is a new monthly beauty box on the scene and this is their first box. Lab with Love is a monthly beauty box for people with eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and other skin problems. There is 3 boxes each month that you can pick from which are 

Hydrate: This box would be good for people with dry or sensitive skin.

Protect: This box would be good for people with atopic skin and it will be filled with lots of lovely products that will help protect the skin. It should also help with flaky skin.

Soothe: This box is good for calming angry and red upset skin.

Lab with Love believe that just because you have skin problems that should not stop you from being pampered and trying new products to pamper yourself with. I love this idea, my skin is a lot calmer now than it ever has been so I am so lucky that my skin lets me try new products now, my skin is still dry and has eczema flare ups but nothing like it was a few years again and I cant even remember the last time I had to be covered in bandages to stop me from scratching but I do still remember how it felt using the same old boring creams every day and just wanting to try some new creams that I dont have to be scared to try. Thats why when I heard about this box I knew I really wanted to work with this company because they are doing something thats close to me heart so I sent them an email asking if they would like to work together and I got a reply saying that they are sending me a box and I was obviously not going to say no to that. I was so excited about getting a box but as always dont worry just because Lab with Love sent this box to me and I love the idea of this box that does not mean Im going to say this box is amazing if I dont think the products in the box are very good or worth the money spent on this box. 

After opening the box the first thing I noticed was there is not products info card which I think would be nice, on the Lab with Love website there is lots of info about the products that are in each box for the month but I just think a wee info card would have been nice so you know what the products are, where you can buy them if you are wanting to buy the product after trying after getting the box and how much the product would cost.

Now lets talk about that I found in my box 

Relivio Dry Skin Body Cream: I was happy about getting this because I was almost about to run out for body cream and I was planning on buying some more soon so good timing. This body cream is meant to help restore the skin barrier, its a non-greasy cream which is not sticky and its meant to be absorbed quickly by the skin. I have used this cream a few times since getting it and it has left my skin feeling very soft, it did absorb in to the skin not as quickly as some creams I like but I did not feel like I had to wait to long to put my clothes on after using it. The top of my back has been so itchy, dry and flaky for the last few months and no matter how much cream I have put on it just keeps coming back but since trying the cream the itching has almost completely gone away and the skin it feels so soft and a lot less dry. 

Conscious Skincare Grapefruit Lemon and Cedarwood Body Wash: I find it really hard to find body washes that I like and that dont dry out my skin but on the Lab with Love website it says this body wash has been "designed and carefully blended to work without drying your skin out." Im not very good at tell people what something smells like but the best way I feel like I can for this body wash would be its got a zesty fruity smell which I really like. I have not tried this body wash yet but the scent might not work for sensitive skin. This body wash is vegan, organic and cruelty free. 

Conscious Skincare Sweet Almond Oil: I keep hunting and hoping that one day I will find a facial oil that I like because any facial oils that I have ever tried I normal hate but this oil has no perfume and its rich in Vitamin E so this one might by the facial oil that I have been looking for so Im really looking forward to trying it out. This oil is also vegan and its not tested on animals.

Beauty by Earth Lip Balm: This lip balm just looking like a very simple lip balm but its smells amazing, its smells minty like toothpaste and I really like it. This lip balm contains coconut oil and shea butter to help keep your lips soft and healthy. Its also be certified organic. I use lip balm almost every day and I love the smell of this one so I will be using this.

This box coats £29 or you can subscribe and get 10% off which will then be £26.10 and you will get 4 - 5 full size products in each box.

If you fancy trying out this box then you can get it here and if your wanting to check out Lab with Loves Facebook page then you can do that here.

Thanks so much for checking out this post today. 

Till next time take care x 

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