Sunday, 5 February 2017

Lancome Haul

For Christmas I was given a £50 Debenhams gift voucher, the voucher came with a personal shopper, cup of tea or coffee with a tasty treat in their restaurant and you can also get your makeup done at one of the beauty counters of your choice. As you can guess by the name of this post I picked Lancome for my beauty makeover.

Teint Miracle - 005 Beige Ivoire (£30): I find it hard to fine a foundation that I really like, Im pale with dry eczema skin so normally foundation is to dark for me or its to drying or its makes my eczema bad. The lady at the Lancome counter asked me about my skin and I told her this so she used this foundation on me, it has a light coverage and felt like I had no foundation on. It felt really nice and did not look matte or feel drying so I had to get it. 

La Base Pro Hydra Glow (£28.50): This is the primer that the lady used which is an illuminating primer with 24 hour hydration, Im not planning on using this for 24 hours but its good to know its non-drying. A lot of primers are for making your skin matte and smooth but thats not what I look for in a primer. I really like the look when the lady used it on me at the counter so Im thinking Im really going to enjoy using this primer.

Thats everything that I bought but the lovely lady as the Lancome counter said because I am buying 2 products then I also get some free goodies and Im not going to say no to free goodies.

Energie De Vie Sleeping Mask: I have tried this sleeping mask before and I love it so Im so happy to get some more. It leaves your skin feeling so soft, plump and moisturised the next morning. Even though I have dry skin I feel like you dont need to use a lot of this to make your skin feel amazing the next day. 

Energie De Vie Smoothing & Glow-Boosting Liquid Care: This is a liquid moisturiser, I have tried this before to but it was only a wee sample I think I did like it but it will be good to try it again to see how much I did like it.

Bi-Facil: Lancome says this makeup remover is non oily and is suitable for sensitive eyes. It looks like a nice cleanser so Im looking forward to trying it. Im happy this is for sensitive eyes since a lot of cleanser hurt my eyes.

Le Crayon Khil - 01 Noir: Although I have not used this long lasting eye pencil yet I think it will have a nice colour pay off. Its always handy to have a good black eye pencil.

L'Absolu Rouge Cream: Im not sure the colour of this lipstick but I had a look on the internet and I think its 368 Rose, its a bright pink. Not sure if Im going to wear this lipstick because its not a colour I would normally go for but Im going to play about with it and hopefully I will find a way to wear it that looks good on me.

Hypnose Mascara - Black: Love the brush for this mascara, I think the mascara is going to be amazing and I cant wait to try it,the only reason I have not tried it yet is because I was wanting to write this post first.

Advanced Genifique Serum: This is a youth activating concentrate serum. I have never found a serum thats made me go wow I need to get this again, I have found ones that I like but none I have fell in love with. It will be nice to try this one to see if I will love it.

Thats everything that I got for Lancome and Im looking forward to trying all my nice new goodies.

Have you tried any of these products yet? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for checking out this post.

Till next time take care x

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