Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Beauty Essence

Hey guys! As you have guessed by the name of this post Im reviewing Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Beauty Essence. Now to let you know I not a big fan when it comes to using a serum before my face cream because even though I have dry skin I hate the feeling of skincare products feeling heavy on my skin so Im looking for something that is light and moisturising and when I use a serum it sometimes feels heavy or sometimes I just dont think its doing anything to my skin and my cream works fine with out it. However when I was in Boots the lady at the Lancome counter talked me in to getting this Beauty Essence which just reminds me of a serum except this serum works. 

Im not going to lie when I got home after my little shopping trip I did think why the hell did I buy this, I dont like serums and I have probably just wasted my money. So you can tell I really did not have high hopes for this but since I now have it I thought I really should use it and I must now eat my own words. I guess its true you should never judge a book by its cover.

This serum is like a gel which then melts down in to water when you go to use it. It then sinks in to the skin with out leaving your skin feeling greasy or heavy yet the skin feels moisturised, smooth, soft, plump and looks beautifully healthy. This is suitable for sensitive skin and is for normal to combination skin but since I have dry skin and it works for me then I would say its fine for all skin types. 

I think if you have oily skin this would be nice on its own with no other cream since its not greasy yet moisturising and for everyone else I think this makes a really good moisturising serum before your cream.

Have you tried this product? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments. Or have you tried anything else from this Hydra Zen line?

Thanks for checking out my review.

Tell next time take care x  

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