Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Soap & Glory Heel Genius

Hey everyone hope your all well. Today I'm going to be reviewing Heel Genius by Soap & Glory for you guys. On the front of this foot cream is says Better than a pedicure?! Well since I have never had a pedicure because I dont like feet or people touching my feet (I know Im weird but its just a thing that I dont like) then I cant say if its better than a pedicure. The cream also says its an Amazing foot cream marvel which I think is high claims. 

On the back of this cream it says Feet should be friendly, soft, smooth, even lovely to look at. Massage a generous layer of Heel Genius on to clean feet every night (or at least as often as you remember) slip cotton socks on and let it soak in while you sleep. 

I have to tell you the truth I did not put socks on when I used this because I dont like wearing socks in bed so the way I used it was by massaging some of the cream in to my feet before bed. The cream melts in to the feet leaving them feelinf soft but not greasy or sticky so if your like me and dont like the feeling of something on your feet when your in bed then you might like this. 

Every time I used this foot cream I always noticed a difference in how soft my feet felt the next morning, they are always less dry and the yucky hard bits on the bottom of my feet feel so much softer and less hard. 

The cream is a mint green colour in some lights and light blue in other lights with a minty smell. Its also thick but a little will go a long way.

Have you tried this amazing foot cream marvel? What do you think of it? 
Or do you fancy getting it to try? Let my know in the comments below. 

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