Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Night Cream

Now you might have guessed Im a bit of a fan when is comes to Garnier, their products for dry skin are so good on my skin and normally do as they say on the box so when I saw this new night cream from them I knew I had to have it.

First off I love the name, Moisture Bomb. You can tell this is not for oily skin plus the wee bit at the bottom saying its for dehydrated skin might also give that way but its still a good name.

The box it comes in is really nice, shiny silver going in to a shiny light blue. The tub the cream is in is a light blue tub with a white lid, its the same sort of tub most of Garnier face creams come in and the same 50ml size. It may come in the same sort of tub as other face creams from Garnier but I do like it, its simple but nice.

When you put the cream on it melts and feels almost like water, which dues feel a bit weird but then it turns to more of a greasy feeling cream. This is not to bad point though but it is a bit odd.

On the box it says its a super recharging antioxidant gel cream, its more than a moisturiser. Moisture Bomb recharges up to 10 layer of skin with hydration and replumps the look of fine lines. 

I really cant say if it hydrated up to 10 layers for my skin but I really did see a difference in my skin, it looked healthier and more plump. My skin did look more hydrated too but really cant say if it was up to 10 layers, its a bit hard to count the layers of skin on my face.

This review would not be complete with out me telling you about the beautiful smell this cream has, its fresh and light not like an over powering perfume smell. I have never been very good at telling people how something smells but this cream dues smell really good.

I think Garnier has done a fab job with this cream, it dues what it says on the box with no lies. It dues not disappoint. This cream is dermatologically tested so its suitable for sensitive skin too.

Have you tried this cream yet? What do you think of it? Leave a comment below to let me know. 

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