Sunday, 3 January 2016

NYX Control Freak

I'm not one for painting on my eye brows, I have blonde hair well brown but I colour it blonde and I have fine very light eye brows and pale skin so whenever I have in the past painted my eye brows on it just looks wrong. However I do tint them and sometimes use coloured eye brow powder or something like that on them but only very lightly. I do also like to use a clear gel on them just to keep them in place and I do this every day.

If you live in the UK then you will know you cant get NYX here but Boots online now has it and I did order a few bits to see what NYX is like and I did a NYX Haul on my YouTube channel so please feel free to go and watch it to see everything that I got.

Well you have probably already worked it out but this is called Control Freak and its a clear eye brow gel. I first heard about this from Emilynoel83 AKA Beauty Broadcast and she seemed to really like it so I have been wanting to try it for sometime. 

This cost £5.50 from Boots which I did not think was to pricey and the brush looks like an old school mascara brush. The gel dues have smell to it but its on your eye brows so obviously you dont smell it once you have put it on. 

When you remove the brush from the tube to use it the brush has just the right amount of gel on it. Not to much so you dont feel like your brows are going to get to much gel on them and not to little where you feel like you have to work to get the gel on to your brows. The brush is easy to work with so if your just going to use this to shape your brows I dont think it will be a problem for you.

Once you have put this on and it has dried your brows dont feel crunchy, they feel soft but they should last the day. I have had no problems with them looking bad through out the day.

Have you tried NYX Control Freak? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below.

Dont forget to check out my YouTube channel. Its still new but there is a few videos up so please check them out. 

Thanks for reading and hope your all well.

Take care x 

Where can you get NYX Control Freak?
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