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I am in a bit of a love/hate relationship with I love them because they almost always have a really good sale on and their prices are so good but I hate them because they almost always have a really good sale on and their prices are so good so I end up sending to much money but on the other hand I might be spending more money than I planned to I like to think that Im saving money in the long run since its prices are really good.

So I had just been paid from work and I was checking my E-mails and found an E-mail telling me they had a sale on for skin care and I really do like my skin care so obviously I had to go and check it out. 

Yes I did end up buying make-up as well but I have been looking for these eyeshadow palettes for some time now. I have been hearing they are dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes and I admit I dont have the Urban Decay Naked palettes but the W7 palettes are really nice and cream and they have a really nice colour pay out so it makes my think why pay so much for an Urban Decay palette when the W7 palettes are so good.


Im still not 100% sure how I feel about this, the cream is really nice and hydrating with out leaving the skin feeling greasy but if Im going to spend so much money on something I would like it to feel and look expensive but for me this just dues not. The cream itself like I said it nice but again I dont think its so nice where I believe its worth so much money.    

I have not tried this yet so I cant comment about how I feel about it but I have swatched it on my hand and it feels creamy and smooth, the colour I got was light and its pinky/peach so it should be really good at hiding under eye dark circles. On the back of the box it says there is oat extract in it and oats are really good for the skin. The packaging is plastic yet nice and simple and for the price of it Im happy with it. 

I have been wanting to try GlamGlow for sometime now but at £49.99 its a lot of money just for a face cream and then what if I did not like it so when I saw it on for £33.95 I just thought why not Im probably not going to get it any cheaper. When I first saw it in its blue box I was surprised because I thought it was going to be smaller and yep it was small, its a lot of packaging for 50ml but it looks beautiful, worth ever penny and the cream is so good to. I would pay £33.95 again for it but £49.99 I dont know its alot of money but it is a fantastic cream.


Finally I have got Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat. It looks and feels expensive, the produced leaves your eyes looking brighter and more awake. I still have some testing to do with it but Im really like it right now.

If you have tried any of the products I got please leave a comment below, I would love to hear what you think.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

Take care x    

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