Sunday, 30 August 2015

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream

I love wearing skinny jeans and boots but when your as mad as I am and wear boots in the summer your feet need some really good TLC. I normal find foot creams can make my eczema prone feet sting when I use them so I did not hold much hope for this. 

I first tried this foot cream at Christmas in a Burt's Bees gift set and really enjoyed using it so I decided to buy the full size. The first time I used it I did think it was a wee bit odd, it feels more like a gel than a cream and its got a weird smell, I do think you can smell the coconut in it but I feel like it also smells of something else that I cant put my finger on. 

In the ingredients it says there is oats in it and thats really good, I love anything to do with skincare that has oats in it because oats are really good for moisturising the skin and helps to relive itchy skin. 

I really saw a difference when I used it, my feet felt so much softer and looked so much better. I think this cream would be really good for anyone that is having problems with their feet. I also think this worked better then any creams I have been given to me from the doctors for my eczema. 

When I first got the full size of this foot cream I thought that it was not going to last me that long but a little really dues go a very long way and I can see myself getting more then this one runs out.  

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about about this foot cream or if you have tried it.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Take care x  

Where You Can Get Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream:

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Becoming a Blogger

Hey everyone. So I hosted another Lunchtime Bloggers chat on Wednesday 26th August and this time I picked the topic Becoming a Blogger. Here is some of the answers to the questions I asked.

1. What made you become a blogger?

I said I wanted my own thing, away from work and normal life.

Dani said I wanted a place to share my thoughts and experiences,  and I was reading so many amazing blogs, I decided to join in!

Katie said I didn't have anything to do one day and decided to write.....haven't looked back since :)

Amani Carson said I can't remember specifically but have always loved writing & have always had a need to express myself creatively.

Kathryn  said  My passion for writing, wanting a new hobby and wanting to share my thoughts with people!

Izzy said I always wanted to write and do something creative. I concidered YouTube but after guest blogging I started my own blog.

ShelbyAmess said  I love writing and having a blog can help me do much bigger things with my writing :)

2. How long were you thinking about being a blogger before you became one?

I said Well over a year. Was a bit scared to start at first.

Clementine Cousins said I remember reading a few blogs, wasn't really that many about then, but loved reading them and knew I wanted to make one :-)

Gracie said I always wrote little stories when I was younger and lived on YouTube I think it was inevitable.

Kathryn said Since I was 16..(I'm 20 now), I just never quite knew how to do it and had a lot of self doubt.

Dani said I had a blog in 2011, it had a grand total of 4 posts! Then, last year I just got the notion to start a new one again!

Shy life living said Probably over 2 years but I just put it off, glad I did though because I think I started it at the right time.

Amani Carson said  I toyed on & off since I was 13 & started many blogs on various platforms over the years! It only recently stuck.

Eloise said  I think it was around 2 years before I actually started, I waited until I was 16.

Antonia SP said It didn't took me long. One day I just logged in and that's how it began :) 

3. How did you feel when you were posting your first blog post?

I said Very nervous, it did take me some time to post it after I made it but I also felt really happy.

MsMistry said I honestly wasn't too bothered because I thought 'No on is going to read this!'

Kathryn said Nervous as I only showed my mum&best friend at first, but they liked it so it gave me the boost to share it on social media.

Izzy said I felt watched. I wasn't sure whether I could really be myself yet. But now I'm writing whatever I want.

Theflowerthatblooms said We were super excited, although we thought nobody would read it.

Eloise said I think I was a little nervous, but as I actually started with a friend it wasn't that bad.

Dani said I can't remember, I think I just wrote, posted & that was it! I didn't have any followers so it didn't feel like a big deal.

Amani Carson said I think I was excited!

4. How did you feel telling friends and family and did they understand?

I said Again nervous. Some friends were happy and got it but some friends thought it was a joke.

Theflowerthatblooms said Only close family members and close friends know! We do not share our blog on personal accounts.

MsMistry said I've only told my best friend so far who loved it. I just want this to be my thing for a little while longer.

Kathryn said Fine! My friends that have read it enjoy my writing so I feel really motivated.

Cherie Koh said They're pretty chill about it, my only concern is when it comes to work and people finding out!

5. What do you think you have improved at doing since becoming a blogger?

I said My writing and confidence.

Theflowerthatblooms said Photography, our confidence a little bit and our writing flows more now just like when we were at school.

Shy life living said My photography has improved I think because that's one thing I've been working on most.

Dani said Finding joy in the small things! I take more notice of the world around me now than I did before.

Kathryn said My confidence and maybe my organisation (sort of?? maybe??)

Margot said Photography for sure .. And keeping a schedule, posting regularly since that is so important!

MsMistry said My writing has improved as has my social media skills. But it's also made me a bit more confident & appreciative.

ShelbyAmess said My confidence has grown an I'm starting to believe in myself :)  

  6. What blogging platform would you recommend to new bloggers? Blogger or WordPress? Or any others you can think of?

I said I have only used blogger so I dont know what the others are like but its ok.

Cherie Koh said Really depends on how you like the interface - though I have to say WordPress is slightly more technical.

Shy life living said I've only use blogger, so I guess that because it's really easy.

Eloise said I've only ever used Blogger, I think its a great one to try as its not too complicated.

Theflowerthatblooms said We made a site on blogger and hated it so quickly changed to WordPress to start our blog!

Amani Carson said I started with wordpress but couldn't get my head around it so moved to blogger!

MsMistry said Wordpress! My first blog was with blogger and I wasn't too keen WP is miles better and more user friendly.

Thanks so much to everyone that came to the chat. If your were not there then I hope you liked the post and hopefully you found something helpful.

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Tell next time take care x 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Blogging, Work and Real Life

Hey everyone. So on Wednesday 19th August I hosted the Lunchtime Bloggers chat and the topic that I picked was Blogging, Work and Real Life. Below is the questions I asked the bloggers that came to the chat and some of the answers they gave. I thought I would put it in to a blog post for anyone that missed the chat and hopefully it might help some new bloggers too. 

1. Do you work full time? If yes do you find is hard to find time to blog?

Mellifluous said Yep, I work full time and finding time to blog whilst having a social life is hard!

MsMistry said I work part time so am quite lucky that I have spare time to work on my blog.

Amanda Maria said Its just a tough one, I'd love to work part time to have more time to blog & for myself but money!!!

2. Do you always blog on your days off or when you have finished work so you can enjoy your days off?

Mellifluous said Not everyday. I do check Twitter and read others posts everyday though.

Becci Brown said Try and set aside time for blogging to write as much as I can then schedule posts or tweak later.

Amanda Maria said I would say a mix of both, I try and keep my days off free so I can do things, but sometimes I end up blogging!

Simona Elena said I do both, whenever I feel like it and have time!

3. Do you schedule blog posts so you have some days off or do you post them as soon as you have made them?

Carina Chung said SCHEDULE SCHEDULE SCHEDULE! I seldom hit publish immediately once a post is done. Thats because I write 2 -3 posts on days I'm free, and none the other days!

Amanda Maria said Most of the time its scheduled, but there are some that are published in the moment.

Simona Elena said Most of my posts are scheduled, esp. the book reviews and bookish 1s, I leave slots open for spontaneous 1s.

Katie said Bit of both :) depends whats happening that week :) I love to hit publish :)

MsMistry said I schedule all my posts. So much easier.

Mellifluous said I tend to schedule as I post every 2 days so it makes life easier whilst I create more content.

4. Do you find making a to-do list helps?

Simona Elena said Yes! I love lists, I have lists for everything! My to-do lists are very important.

Becci Brown said Absolutely, have lists for everything.

Amanda Maria said Absolutely! Not just for blogging but for life in general. 

Mellifluous said  I don't have a to do list for blogging, but I do keep lists of ideas.

Carina Chung said YES! lists help so much!

MsMistry said Completely! I couldn't live without my lists. Having an organiser is essential.

Katie said yes!!!! I love my lists! I have a list for everything.

5. Do you spend more time on your blog than you though you would when you started? 

Simona Elena said Yes! Def more than I thought and also more than in the beginning!

Becci Brown said Definitely. But it's a fun thing to do so that's ok!

Amanda Maria said Heck yes!! but I love it.

Mellifluous said Definitely! I thought it would take me 1/2hr per post but it takes way longer!

MsMistry said  Definitely yes!!!!! It's so enjoyable. I love blogging and connecting with the blogging community.

Katie said Yes. I only started as didn't have enough work now I want to do blogging more than my work.

Carina Chung said OH YES DEFINITELY!! Way more than I thought.

6. Whats your tip for a new blogger to fit everything it? 

Becci Brown said Don't put too much pressure, create a schedule you can stick to and be consistent.

Simona Elena said Schedule posts and carry around a notebook to write down ideas anywhere at any time.

Jo said Buy a diary, helps me keep track of things.

Mellifluous said Do your research before you start, I wish someone had told me to take more time to think. Oh and maybe write a few before going live to get ahead of the game!

Carina Chung said My only tip is schedule when you're free. 

Thanks so much to everyone that joined me for the chat, it was so much fun and I hope some of the answers given will help some bloggers out there.

You can find me on TwitterFacebookBloglovinMy Blog and now My YouTube Channel.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

Take Care x 

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