Thursday, 30 July 2015

One year update

Hey everyone. Well I was going to do a Birchbox post like I normal do but since my blog is now 1 year old I have decided to make a YouTube account so I have made a video on there so you can see what I got. I will put the link below for you.

I thought I would do a wee update for you all instead.

I have really enjoyed the last year as a blogger however I cant believe how much make-up I now have but thats not a bad thing. 
I thought I would would find it really hard to be a blogger because I am dyslexic and I also have dyscalculia which is the maths version of dyslexia and when I was told I have both I was also told that they make each other worse so because of this I always thought my dyslexia would hold me back from doing things I wanted to do. At first I did find it hard to write about what I thought about a product, I know what I thought about it but I just did not know how to put it in to words and not knowing how to spell a word I was wanting to use did not help. A year on though and I really do think that blogging has helped my spelling and I do find it easier to write about what I think of a product. 
When I watched someones review on YouTube or read their blog post I never know how much time was needed to make it. I spend more time on my blog than I ever thought I would but I enjoy it so much. The feeling that I made the pictures and I wrote the review, I put it all together and no one help with the writing is so good. I always read a post a few time before posting it because I just know I would have missed some wee spelling mistake. After posting I would wonder did I explain the product clearly so readers would understand how I felt about it but when I got comments I started to think I did a good post and there is someone out there that likes it. Im not saying I think Im the best blogger in the world, I have only being doing it for a year and I know I still have so much to learn but I do know I am enjoying it and people keep reading it.

If you have ever though about becoming a blogger then go for it. Ye it takes a lot of time but you know what? Its so worth it.

Dont forget the check out my Birchbox UK video for July.

Thanks for reading and take care x 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Birchbox UK June 2015

Hey everyone. First I just want to say sorry that this is so late, been rather busy lately and sometimes really life just gets in the way but here is it Birchbox for June.

For the June box we got to pick the design of the box that we got and there was 3 to pick from and I went for this lovely water colour one which is of flowers.

This month Birchbox teamed up with French Sole, a shoe company that makes flat shoes and here is what I got in my box.

The first item I got was this English Laundry No. 7 For Her and at first I was a bit like oh... but that is only because I got English Laundry Signature For Her from Birchbox before and I did not really like it however I gave it a sniff and I have to say I do like this one, it has a sweet fruity fragrance. The full size costs £60.

This is a body lotion from Cowshed and you could get Gorgeous Cow or Knackered Cow. I got Gorgeous Cow so thank you Birchbox. The full size of this costs £20. It has got a strong fragrance but it is nice and it has essential oils which will help to moisturises the skin.

This is a hair oil from Beauty Protector called Protect & Oil which costs £16 for the full size. Birchbox says "this lightweight hair oil not only leaves your hair looking gorgeously glossy but it also protects against UV rays and heat damage." 
That all sound good however Birchbox also says it smells amazing and it might just be me but I dont think it dues.

This is Glossy Kiss a long lasting lipstick pencil by Mirenesse which comes is Angel Kiss, Cheeky Kiss or Perfect Kiss. I got it in Angel Kiss and it feels lightweight and very comfortable on the lips. I would be very happy to try the other colour and I love the packaging too. The full size of this costs £17.50.

The last beauty item I got was from REN and its called Instant Firming Beauty Shot and the full size costs £36. Its meant to be a shot of espresso for your complexion, instantly firming and plumping the skin. I think it smells nice but I have not tried it yet.

This reminds me of being a kid in the 90s, I cant believe temporary tattoos are back but I have to say I think its fab. This is a Extra Beauty Bonus from STYLondon and costs £7.99.

And lastly this is a Lifestyle Bonus from French Sole, a shoe bag that matches my box. I do really like it and I think it will be good for going on holiday.

There is some months when I get my Birchbox and think oh well next month might be better but not with this box because Im really happy with everything I got and the temporary tattoos are just fab.

Did you get the June Birchbox? Did you like it as much as I did or did you think it could have been better? Let me know in the comments below.

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you liked.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Inner Me Energise Me

Now Im all for taking vitamins if you are feeling a little bit tired and need a pick me up, I take multivitamins and iron tablets and I really do think they give me so much more energy, if I forget to take them I just about stop working so when I got Inner Me Energise Me tables in my April Birchbox I was really looking forward to trying them to see if they worked.

The pack that I got from Birchbox was a 4 week supply which I thought was really good, I thought after the 4 weeks I would know what I thought of them but I made my mind up about them in the first week, I did take the hole 4 week supply though.

So what did I think of them? And are they really worth £15 for a 4 week supply? Well Im not going to lie I would not recommend this product and I really do hate doing reviews for products that I think are bad but I guess it has to be done, there is no point in me saying I love a product when I really dont and this sadly is one of thoughs times. 

For the hole four weeks I did not take my multivitamins and iron table just to see how well the Inner Me tables would work however I was so happy when the 4 weeks were up and I could start taking my normal tables again. 

I became so tired on these so called Energise Me tables and I dont think they are worth £15 to be honest I think the cheap multivitamins and iron table that you can get from boots and supermarkets work so much better and they really do give you energy so get them instead and save your money. 

Have you tried these? Did you work for you? Leave a comment below.

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