Sunday, 7 June 2015

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Face Spa

Have you ever felt like your face needed a fast treatment that dues what it says? I'm guessing yes would be the answer but when you have dry and sensitive skin that gets eczema flare up then you will know that its hard to find a product that works fast, hydrates the skin and dues not flare up the eczema.

I have always really like Montagne Jeunesse and when I saw this fabric face mask called Dead Sea Face Spa that says its a 5 minute beauty fix I just had to try it.

On the back on the packet it says "Too busy to take time out? Need to feel pampered and rejuvenated? Let the calming Dead Sea Salt and soothing pressed Seaweed submerge tired, stressed out skin leaving it smooth and re-hydrated."

I loved the sound of the claims it makes but I did wonder if it really could re-hydrate my tired dried out skin in only 5 mins.

When you first take the mask out of the packaging it just looks like wet fooled up fabric, when you unfold it the mask has some holes cut out in it for your eyes, mouth and nose. Putting the mask on your face its cold and refreshing and really nice. I sometimes like to leave it on for a bit longer than 5 mins just to make sure it helps my skin but also because I really like how refreshing it feels when I have it on.

So do I think the claims are true? Well yes I do, when my skin is feeling so dried out and nothing seems to help it this works every time. I always feel like my skin feels so much more hydrated when I use this. I would recommend this face mask and I think its a nice travel size too.

Have you tried this face make? Did you love it or hate it? Leave a comment below to let us all know.

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Here you can get Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Face Spa
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