Sunday, 29 March 2015

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

I have always wanted to try Clinique products but I was not really wanting to pay £30 for a wee tube of face cream that I end up hating so when I was on the All Beauty website and found this cream with 15% off I thought why not I will treat myself.

On the All Beauty website it said that this is for dry to very dry skin but when I got the cream it said its for very dry to dry combination skin and at first since I have very dry skin I did wonder if it was going to be moisturising enough for me.

When I first used this cream I found that it dues not rub in to the skin very well but if you leave it for a few minutes then the cream sinks right in to the skin leaving the skin feeling soft but not greasy and not sticky like some creams do. I feel like it leaves a nice glow to the skin making it look really health and nourished. 

When I opened the cream I noticed it did not have a pump so I thought it was going to be hard to get all the cream out of the bottle but it runs out easily yet it still feels rich and creamy. 

I dont think this cream would be good for oily skin but you can get it as a gel for combination to oily skin.

Overall I really like this cream and would happily get it again and the fact that its fragrance free is always a plus.

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense Oil

I have never thought about using a body scrub before I always thought it would dry out my skin to much since its so sensitive and so dry already but I got a face scrub from Birchbox not long after I started getting it and I really like the face scrub so I thought lets just bite the bullet and get a body scrub and see what happens and even if I dont like it I still have something to review.

I had a wee look in Boots to see what body scrubs they had and I finally made my mind up and picked this one called Dead Sea Body Scrub with Frankincense Oil. I picked this one because the dead sea is rich in minerals and that makes it really good for the skin and I thought having the oil in it would be nourishing for the skin compared to creamy products that can sometimes dry the skin out.

When I went to open it to use it the dead sea salt had settled on the bottom but giving it a wee shake sorts that problem out.

I used this when my skin was dry and then washed it off because the water would have melted the salt so it would not have scrubbed me skin as well. It is a bit of a rough scrub and at first I thought it was going to be to rough for my skin but once I had got out of the shower my skin felt amazing. Normal when I get out the shower my skin feels so dry and I have to get cream on it right away no matter what I use in the shower but when I used this scrub it felt like it had moisturised my skin.

I have noticed it looks like this scrub has dried up a wee bit but there must still be oil hiding in it somewhere because my skin still feels amazing every time I use it.

I would highly recommend this product and I will be buying it again when it runs out.

Have you tried this body scrub? Leave a comment below to say what do you think of it.

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

The skin is a complicated organ, always changing its mind about what products it likes you to use on it plus if you have a skin condition like eczema like I do then its just a complete pain, you think you have found a cream that works and then your skin changes and its makes your skin flare up and anyone that has an eczema flare up will know its really not fun.

I have seen this cream in passing before but for some unknown reason I just always walk past it but then one day one of my friends was telling me their daughter has eczema and uses this cream and it works fab for her so I thought why not I will try it.

This cream has colloidal oatmeal in it, oatmeal is really good for the skin, it is full of healthy lubricating fats that help to moisturises the skin and the proteins that are in oatmeal help maintain the skin's natural barrier function. Oatmeal is also really good at relieving inflammation and redness like you would get with eczema.

When I use this cream I feel like its not just making my skin feel all lovely and soft but I feel like its repairing my skin. I don't think my skin is as itchy as normal I think my skin feels a lot calmer.

This cream is also non greasy and sometimes when its a non greasy cream and my skin is feeling tight and dry its does not help but this dues. 

Now the only thing that might bother people about it is that because its fragrances free it does smell of oats, its not a strong smell and it dues not bother me because of how nice it makes my skin feel but I thought it was worth knowing.

Overall as you have probably already guessed I love this cream and I will keep using it especially when Im going through an eczema flare up.

Have you tried this? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Birchbox UK March 2015

Here it is again, another month and another Birchbox and this month Birchbox has teamed up with Habitat. 
I have never heard of Habitat before so I had a wee look on the internet about them and found out that they are a retailer of household furnishings and they were founded in May 11 1964 by Terence Conran.

In this months box I got 5 products to try and 2 lifestyle extras.


The first product that I got was this little beautiful number, Benefit's new mascara Roller Lash.
I got an E-mail from Birchbox asking me to pick BADgal, Roller Lash or They're Real! Mascara for the March box so I had to pick Roller Lash even though I got it in the March copy of ELLE magazine but I already have a few BADgal and They're Real Mascaras.
I have tried Roller Lash only once and Im loving it so fare and the RRP for the full size is £17.50. 

This is Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris and its a Birchbox exclusive that costs £50.
I have got a perfume from Birchbox before and I did not really like it but this one I do like, Im not the best a describing what something smells like but Birchbox says it has citrus top notes and a fruity twist.

I have heard of this before from Miss Budget Beauty and I have tried Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner in the January Birchbox so Im looking forward to trying this. The full size of this costs £27.50.
If you have not heard if this then its Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and its a pre-shampoo treatment that is meant to restore damaged hair.

This is Serenity Skincare Dead Sea Bath Salt which costs £9.50 for the full size.
I have never tried dead sea bath salts yet so Im happy that I have got this.

Now Im pretty pale and I like being pale so I was a bit disappointed when I saw that a got fake tan. 
Birchbox says its the worlds first tanning oil and that it moisturises the skin while creating a natural looking glow.
Im not sure if Im going to try this or I might just give it to a friend but the full size of this costs £24.99.

Im a bit disappointed with this Lifestyle extra because I have had it before from Birchbox and I dont have any need for another one.
A Perfect Heritage by Penny Vincenzi costs £7.99.

This is the last item that I got and its a Birchbox and Habitat exclusive notebook, its a hand thing to have I guess.

Overall I thought that this months box was ok, Im happy about getting the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer to try and Im happy about getting Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris because it dues smell lovely and I cant forget about Benefit Roller Lash.

So what did you think about the months Birchbox? Did you love it or hate it? Or have you tried any of the products that I got? Let me know in the comments below.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Garnier Body Repair Anti-Dryness Restoring Balm

Having really dry skin can be a bit of a pain and then adding sensitive skin to that it can be a nightmare so finding a cream that says its been tested under dermatological control and its for extra dry skin I thought I have to try this.
This cream has also go maple sap formula but Im not going to lie I have no idea what that is and I have tried to find info online about what it is and I cant find anything about it but I did find alot of info about maple syrup. 
This cream is a thick white cream that sinks in to the skin leaving it feeling soft and nourished but not greasy or sticky. I agree with what it says about it being for extra dry skin because this really works, I cant remember the last time my skin felt so soft. 
I think its really good that Garnier has this body repair range and I think that more companys should really start thinking about making creams for very dry skinned people too because we don't all have normal skin yet we all do want beautiful skin because I think when your skin feels good then you feel good too and this cream really dues make you feel good.
Now I have had a look and sadly I cant find this online to buy but I got mine from Tesco if that helps. 

Have you tired this new cream out yet? What do you think of it? Or have you tired the Garnier Body Repair Anti-Dryness Restoring Moisturiser which can out first then let me know in the comments below x

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