Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Nspa Night Repair Cream

Hey guys hope your all well. Today I'm going to be reviewing a night cream from Nspa called Night Repair Cream and that's from the Beauty Rituals range of Nspa beauty products. Now if you have never heard of Nspa before its a range of beauty care products that's made by Nirvana Spa which is apparently the UK's number one day spa, its also exclusive to Asda and its against animal testing. I got my cream a few months ago now before I started blogging so I can't remember how much I paid for it however when I was in Asda today it is priced as £6 for 50ml. I did buy it for myself and was never planning on writing a review for it but I'm on my second or maybe third tub now and I thought I just have to write about this because I love it so much. The cream has Vitamin E in it which helps to protect and repair your skin and it feels greasy but not sticky. Now I know its for your face but I had really bad eczema on my hands for a long time and nothing was helping to clear it up not even creams from the doctors so I thought I would try this on them at night since its so thick and in days my hands were completely clear and that's the same with my face, I had sore red dry patches on my face and this cream has made them all go away too. I was a bit worried about trying it the first time when I opened it because it smells like its really high in parfum but it is a nice parfum smell, this cream is dermatologically approved but I think the high parfum smell should be something you should think about before you buy this but I can't normally use anything thats high in parfum but for some reason I fine with this. I highly recommend the cream for all skin types, I think its more than just a night cream for your face x 

The cream looks more pink than it dues in the photo

Where you can get it

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