Tuesday, 16 September 2014

BirchBox UK September

Hey everyone, today I'm going to be showing you all what I got in this months BirchBox so I did get this box a few days a go but I have been sadly to busy to make this post but day off from work means blogging time and I have been looking forward to this. The theme this month is Happy Days and reminiscing about good times in our lives and happy times when we were with friends and family. But what did I get I hear you all ask well keep reading I will tell you.

Agave Healing Oil Treatment (from £16)

This is a lightweight oil that's meant to make the hair more smooth, build resiliency, and boost shine and colour. The sample is a good size but I think it should be a wee bit bigger so you have more time to see if these claims are all true and if you want to buy it or not. I have tried it and I do like it, it leaves my hair feeling lovely and soft but a bigger sample size would have been better.

Benefit Its Potent! Eye cream (£25.50)

I have used the eye cream before but I'm more than happy to get it because I really like it, the cream is meant to banish dark circles and smooth fine lines and I do think my eyes look brighter when I use it.

Korres Citrus Shower Gel (£8)

Not sure if I'm happy about getting this since I have really sensitive skin but I guess I could use it has a hand wash or face wash not sure yet. I don't think it has a citrus smell it just smells of soap. This shower gel is meant to help ensure skin stays hydrated all day long but I always thought that's why you put cream on.

Model Co Lip Lacquer (£16)

I got this in the colour Morocco and BirchBox let me pick the colour, the colour pay out is not that good and its a bit gloopy but its not sticky and its really shiny.

Beautybleander +  Blendercleanser Solid (£26)

Yes I got a beautybleander, I have never used a beautybleander before but everyone seems to love them so I'm very happy to get this to try it.

Urban Fruit (£13.20 for 6)

Now this is a lifestyle extra and I got my Urban Fruit in Magnificent Mango and I love the name, they could have just called it Mango but nope its Magnificent Mango so for that this gets extra points from me but the problem is I don't like dried fruit and I don't like mango so I'm think I not going to like this but I might try it since its magnificent.

BirchBox Happy Days Photo Clip

This is another lifestyle extra its just a clip for a photo, I like the colour of it but don't know if I will ever use it.

So overall I'm happy with my box and I like what I got and as always if I use it I will review it so till next time take care everyone x 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Make-up Rumours Lipstick

            shade 13                    shade 17                  shade 11

Hey guys, so sorry about not doing a review in the last week but I have just be really busy at work and have had no time to write a new review but I have a Make-up Rumours Lipstick review here for you all. Now if you have not read any of my other reviews for Make-up Rumours then I will let you know how I found them, they were giving beauty bloggers a chance to get £10 worth of make-up to try but don't worry that's not going to make me say I love something even if I don't, so they let us pick the make-up we wanted so I got some eye shadows which I love, the colour pay out is really good and they last me a shift at work, I also got some eye liner, a gift set which I did a review for and I will link below and three lipsticks in shade 13, shade 17 and shade 11. I have been wearing them a lot lately to see how they feel and I do like them, the colour pay out is really good I was a little surprised since they only cost £1 I really did not expected the colour pay out to be so high. They are not a long lasting lipstick but they don't come off 2 seconds after putting them on which always annoys me, shade 13 and shade 11 feel matte and a wee bit drying but I really like shade 11 so that's not bothering me to much and shade 17 seems to be more creamy but has a really odd smell. I do like these lipsticks they are not my favourite but I can see myself picking shade 11 from time to time its a really nice day time red. So if your needing a new lipstick but you have spent all your money before pay day then why not give these a go. If you are want to get anything from Make-up Rumours then here is a 10% off code but its only available till the end of the week x rbb10off x

shade 13          shade 17           shade 11

Where you can get them

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Nspa Night Repair Cream

Hey guys hope your all well. Today I'm going to be reviewing a night cream from Nspa called Night Repair Cream and that's from the Beauty Rituals range of Nspa beauty products. Now if you have never heard of Nspa before its a range of beauty care products that's made by Nirvana Spa which is apparently the UK's number one day spa, its also exclusive to Asda and its against animal testing. I got my cream a few months ago now before I started blogging so I can't remember how much I paid for it however when I was in Asda today it is priced as £6 for 50ml. I did buy it for myself and was never planning on writing a review for it but I'm on my second or maybe third tub now and I thought I just have to write about this because I love it so much. The cream has Vitamin E in it which helps to protect and repair your skin and it feels greasy but not sticky. Now I know its for your face but I had really bad eczema on my hands for a long time and nothing was helping to clear it up not even creams from the doctors so I thought I would try this on them at night since its so thick and in days my hands were completely clear and that's the same with my face, I had sore red dry patches on my face and this cream has made them all go away too. I was a bit worried about trying it the first time when I opened it because it smells like its really high in parfum but it is a nice parfum smell, this cream is dermatologically approved but I think the high parfum smell should be something you should think about before you buy this but I can't normally use anything thats high in parfum but for some reason I fine with this. I highly recommend the cream for all skin types, I think its more than just a night cream for your face x 

The cream looks more pink than it dues in the photo

Where you can get it

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